Top 8 Considerations When Hiring a Business Lawyer


One of the most important things that you can have for your business is a legal representative. Most people however, tend to underestimate the importance of having a Business Lawyer, but if you understand the significance of having one for your business, then getting one is something that can’t negotiate. Just like you can’t help but rush to the doctor when you need medical intervention.

There are many law firms, companies and agencies which you can approach for legal representation and services for your business; probably in abundance in your area. However, getting a Business Lawyer you can trust and fully rely on for your legal matters and that of your business may not be a walk in the park. It can get daunting sometimes. You don’t have to fret at all though. Here are the top 8 considerations to make for you to get an expert in the trade.


Most states and countries have law societies, trade unions, state bodies, parliamentary commissions, and other legal authorities that play oversight roles in legal matters. As such, these are the bodies that issue certification, authorizing Business Lawyer to practice. It is quite important to ensure that you are dealing with a legitimate individual or entity to represent your business legally, and one whose certification has not been revoked for whatever reason. When hiring one, ensure that they are fully licensed and they have documentary evidence as proof.


The other important factor to consider is their length in the field as practicing attorneys. If it getting services from a particular law firm, be sure to get details about their time duration in business. Also, be sure to confirm their specialization in corporate or business law, preferably in your locality.

Academic Credentials

Law is quite a wide field of study and as such, hiring one should involve considering their credentials, especially when dealing with individual attorneys. In most cases, attorneys commonly go for a first degree in the subject; then proceed for further credentials from the school of law. Others will have mastered their study by going for a second degree. Be keen on these as and select the best from the crowd.

(One noteworthy point in regards to Academic Credentials. A recent article in the New York Times criticizes the outcome by a lot of the typical high end law schools saying,  “Law schools have long emphasized the theoretical over the useful” . Read the informative article that will give you in insight into Increased costs of lawyers, along with the disappointing results of the modern education system)


Where they work – other clients they represent

Do not be like most people who tend to forget to confirm the availability of the attorneys they hire. It is important to determine who else a Business Lawyer represents and who they work for; for various reasons. Pause and ask yourself a significant question: what if they represent my competition, and we happen to cross paths concerning business matters? Who will they chose to represent. Before hiring one, ensure that the attorney won’t be involve in any conflict of interest whatsoever.

Communication skills

You definitely need constant communication with your legal representative when seeking consultation, advice, and representation. Mark the authors words, do not at any one time assume that all Business Lawyers will by default be good communicators. Take your time to interact with them and try to determine whether you can work together based on how they respond to your queries and how they provide counsel.

Track record – Lawyer Success rates

Another important thing to consider would be their performance track record. Definitely, you need a Business Lawyer who will win cases for your business in case you happen to appear in front of the judge and the jury. Interview them and look for credible sources of information concerning their success rates on the bar. Court journals and file records can be resourceful.

Track Record – Reputation

Business law is quite sensitive. As such, you do not want to get a Business Lawyer who has a bad track record regarding services to their clients. Asking for a list of references and previous clients can be quite helpful in getting to determine their reputation. If you get several negative comments concerning them, then you’d better look elsewhere for legal representation. Determine whether their name appears on misconduct listings in courts.

Legal Fees charges

Considering the charges and fees involved in all legal aspects concerning your business is another important thing. Most advisably, take time to sit and have lengthy discussions with your prospective legal advisor, even as they provide you with a service quote. It is important to confirm them first hand, otherwise you might come to discover other hidden costs when it will probably be too late. Be sure that they can work with your budget while you way several options based on their payment terms, charges and other factors discussed above.


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5 Key Points to Consider in Your Lawyer Marketing Plan


One of the first things a new lawyer develops is a marketing plan in order to support their career. For this reason, a marketing plan is normally on the minds of many new lawyers as well as veteran lawyers looking to transition to a private practice. So, what makes up a good marketing plan? What components do you need to put in place to ensure success? Explained below are five keys of the lawyer-marketing plan.

Before we get to that, there are certain things you need to be aware of, you can’t possibly get out there and get a perfect marketing plan, there is no such thing and if there was, it most certainly could not work for all lawyers in all situations. Different lawyers have different goals, different marketing budgets, different expertise and different types of audience, which also means that different types of lawyers need different types of marketing plans as well. For instance, a veteran with years of experience and thousands of dollars in their budget will need something different from a new lawyer who only has hundreds of dollars in their budget and no experience at all. You have to make it work for you, and you can use these key elements:

The cost factor

The very first thing you need to establish is a marketing budget. Try to do this before you make any other plans at all. It will be very tempting to shop around for marketing services so that you can set the budget based on those services but you have to understand that this is financially backward. Decide before hand how much you can afford to spend in about a year and have a general number before you move on other things.

The immediacy factor

Consider how quickly you need to have the marketing program generating business in order for you to stay afloat. Put simply, how long will you depend on the plan right from day one? This will actually determine the type of marketing you need to use, SEO or PPC in terms of online marketing strategies. An SEO campaign will grow steadily with time but it will take time. On the other hand, a PPS marketing strategy could begin generating traffic as soon as it starts running. This means that, if you are a new lawyer with no referrals, it would be best to use both strategies, SEO for long term purposes and PPC for short term.Ripple trading

The audience factor

You need to consider who you are trying to reach exactly because it will influence how you need to reach them. If, for instance you are a real estate attorney, you could advertise on a TV ad during a real estate show break. This would be the same case for other marketing strategies, if you use direct mail, you will get financial and geographical demographics that match your target. In case you are planning to use search engines, you will use the kind of phrases that your audience will be searching for. You should do enough research on your target audience so that your plan will deliver positive results.

Marketing mix

You have to diversify your marketing plans by spreading them to multiple channels. This is you not putting your eggs in one basket. There are numerous services, which help lawyers expand their web presence, with services such as blogging, web marketing, search engine optimization, online PR and PPC. Of course, you need to be prepared to try to see the one that will work best for you.

Testing and tracking

You need to keep track of your marketing results so you will know what works and what does not. You might be investing in techniques that are not yielding results to your favor. Actually, without a testing and tracking process, you won’t get to know your ROI. You could keep the following two steps in kind to know how to track efficiently:

Common sense

This is typically the first rule of tracking. Common sense will guide you in creating an effective marketing plan.

Proper expectations

This is another important principle because if you expect too much from one medium, it might disappoint you in the end. For example, you cannot rely on SEO to generate website leads while it is normally good at generating traffic. You will still need to capitalize that traffic in a way. To test SEO, you will need to use search engine ranking and site traffic instead of leads.

You will probably need more plans and make more decisions but if you start with these tips, you will be headed in the right direction.

Business Start-up Series: What You Need to Know to Open Your Own Chiropractic Office


The first steps you are going to want to take towards success is learning from new practitioners. Once you have taken your exams, framed your diploma, it will be time to put your diploma into good use. It’s very exciting to finally begin your professional life! A large amount of chiropractic graduates open their own clinic after graduation. Here are some great tips from successful responders.

One thing you should do, is to always be going to different businesses meetings, trades hows and meet-ups with your business cards, to hand them out to network.

Another idea is to make yourself available for short health lectures that are free. This is a great tool for drawing in patients.

Telemarketing is another great idea. You can quickly and cheaply get your name out to a bunch of people. You can even hire a company to do the telemarketing for you! It saves time and stress to have the other people do the phone calling for you.

Here are some important things to remember to avoid: You don’t ever want to be pushy. You can be pushy by asking if the patients want to buy our try your product too soon or too often.

Don’t have inadequate tax information: Everything should be pre-organized and all ready to go.

Build a simple, clean, website: Don’t go for fancy bells and whistles. Go content, and organize it with simple and clean template featuring clear call to actions and phone numbers. A great example is, where everything a potential client needs is listed on the top half of the first page.

Don’t buy a building too soon: It’s dangerous to get to far over your head. The same can go for buying too much equipment, ahead of time. While setting up an office already costs a lot, the gear and equipment can be more expensive then the office itself. As always, consider location. A bad location can lead to bad results and little business.

Also, make sure you know how to speak well publicly: Speech is very important, if you are aiming to convince your patient to try your service. Get some help from sites like this.

Always buy used gear: it’s much cheaper and does the same as new gear does. Between Craigslist, used sports stores, going-out-of business sales, there’s no end to the places you can pick up some great deals!

Here’s a great seminar on a Chiropractic Start-up:

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Business Start-up Series: What You Need to Know to Open Your Own Retail Shop


What kind of business?

Once you have finished developing your business plan, and you have a pretty good idea of what it is that you’d like to retail, you’re going to want to decide which type of retail model suits you best. Some common choices are online and store retailing. It is important to understand if you’d like to open up your own retail business, or buy into a type of franchise business. Both of these choices obviously have big advantages and big dis-advantages. It is very important to find the absolutely best location that you can find! Location is everything. You could have the best retailing business, and you could pour all the effort into it, but in the end, it won’t matter if you’re location is so bad that people hardly notice it. The location you choose should fit together with the type of retail you’re doing. For example, a jewelry retail shop would not exactly fit in a suburban strip mall. In fact, that would not make any sense at all. It is wise to check local demographic statistics. These include consumer statistics, and government statistics. Always check local zoning laws. Some business you may not be able to do at home legally.


Financing your retail venture

Entry costs can always vary drastically. If your business happens to be online, or perhaps home-based, you might not even need access to capital, like a “main-street” store based business. If you simply don’t qualify for bank loans, you might want to just look into a small government loan. However, do not think that the federal government works like that. Federal Government does not hand out free money for small profit-businesses. There is no such thing as free money. When you determine the structure of your business, do you want to go alone or in a partnership? It’s definitely worth thinking about. Families or business partners can help assist you and share the risk, as well as assist in managing, they can even help take care of regulatory requirements in starting, or operating a retailer or business. Always get assistance if you need it. Do the research before attempting anything because the rules vary state by state. For instance, state regulations for a jewelry stores in Rhode Island will have very different regulations than a store in another state. You simply have to do your homework and know the risks.

Legal responsibilities for Contractors and Construction Business Owners

signing-documentThese guidelines are geared towards the individual planning and carrying out all construction activities relating to the employed and pre-paid construction of the dwelling, building, or other structure/area. The contractor carries out his or her job by watching over and supervising the employees, making sure the project of the construction will be carried out and the completion of the project in a timely manner, which goes along with all of the federal/state regulations, rules, and laws which may be active at the time of the construction.

Daily duties to consider

There are a lot of particular duties that a construction contractor/builder complete on a basis in order to make sure that the project is completed in a timely manner. The first duty of the contractor is to formulate a plan in which to carry out the project’s construction; this goes from hiring workers to making a timeline and schedule that the building project will complete, from the start of the build to the end.Along with developing the construction plan, the contractor is also responsible for the paying, hiring, supervising, firing, and working the employees that work on said project. In addition to watching out for the employees, the contractor must also take care of the agreed payroll in regard to the employees actually doing the work on a hour by hour, daily, basis.

The contractor is responsible for getting the raw/processed materials for the building project. Because construction projects can’t be completed without all of the building materials, it’s up to the construction contractor to get the goods to build the structure, according to the plan. Obviously, this includes speaking and buying directly from material suppliers, such as getting stone from the right countertop installers in Rhode Island, for example.

Paper-pushing aspect

Another legally necessary job of the construction contractor is to get all of the required permits, tickets, and licenses from 100% legal distributors so that the project may begin. These, range anywhere from business-type loan permits, to zoning permits and other regulations in order to engage in the beginning of construction beforehand.

The contractor must also do his or her research on all of these legally required things regarding relevant regulations and the state/construction laws before beginning the process of construction. There are quite a few laws, state and federal, about how and where a building contractor and his or her crew should build. These laws have to be followed by the building contractor for it to the project to be completed in a law following manner.

The development of correct  money transactions is another part of the job of a contractor.  He or she must establish a budget for the project that must be followed as closely as possible from the beginning to the end of the project. This will allow the contractor to buy supplies, hire workers, and begin/finish the construction in a (hopefully) cost-efficient manner.

Construction / building contractors are business employees with specific duties and responsibilities. The building contractors who are determined to get things done,  and seek quick solutions are the only ones to seriously prosper from their job occupation. In order to be the best contractor one can be, experience is a helpful thing for an individual of this type to possess.

You now need a reason for hiring and understanding the purpose of a business lawyer. Read more!

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Reasons You Need a Business Lawyer

One thing for a fact is that there are many things involved in starting, running and dissolution of businesses, some of which have or may have legal aspects surrounding them at some point or the other. As a wise entrepreneur, you would definitely understand that you require a smart Business Lawyer to be involved, assist you or represent you on such matters. A business attorney is a professional with wide understanding of legal matters involved in the day to day running of businesses mostly in such matters as employment, taxation, copyright, brand trademark, business suits just to mention a few. Although most of the issues can be handled by you or your employees, there are certain crucial areas where you need a Business Lawyer. Here are some things that the said professional attorney can help you with.
  1. Employee agreements

Perhaps one of the most important assets of any one business is its employees. As such, you may require a Business Lawyer during the formulation of employee contracts and agreements for the reason of protection of the rights of the parties, namely the employee and the business. Such agreements cover matters such as non-disclosure, information protection, privacy policy, discrimination, sexual harassment, adherence to rules and regulations, just to mention a few. In cases where a former or current employee files a case suing the business, you definitely need the best representation in court by your business attorney.

  1. Customer law suits

In some cases, your business may face law suits from malicious customers or clients who happen to have suffered injuries by any means due to the business. In such a case, a professional business attorney can come in handy to offer the necessary advice and represent your firm on the bar. Many such cases can even be handled outside the courts with the intervention of an experienced legal representative.

  1. Partnership agreements

When forming, amending or dissolving partnership business, it is highly essential to involve a Business attorney. Here, they can ensure that the proper procedures in line with the partnership act are observed. In cases where a new member joins the partnership, or you are coming up with a new allocation strategy for profits and losses, the legal professional can be there to ensure that the agreement is in fact legally binding. Consequently, when a member decides to exit the partnership, it requires the presence of a business attorney in order to safeguard the interests of the business in terms of capital share with respect to compensation of the exiting partner.

  1. Complaint suits from state bodies

In some instances, you might find your business in a tight corner, with state agencies filing charges for violation of some laws. These may include taxation laws such as those involving tax evasion, environmental laws and many more, which sometimes can be politically instigated. If you have a Business Lawyer in such scenarios, you can have less to worry about as the proper investigation procedures will be followed and in case you have to appear before the courts, you will get a fairer trial and a sound judgment.

pic 1-3

  1. Customer – business contracts

In some businesses, especially those involving financial services or healthcare provision, agreements between the business and their clients may be required. In such a case, you require the expertise of a good Business Lawyer for them to assess the document and see that it doesn’t contradict with the law. Most entrepreneurs, especially for small businesses, sometimes tend to underestimate the importance of such services for customer-business agreements.

  1. When buying or selling a business

There are quite a lot of documentation and contractual procedures involved when buying or selling a business. If you are a smart entrepreneur, you should know better and have a Business Lawyer present during such transactions. They would be instrumental in witnessing the processes, and making sure that proper change of ownership occurs, and is documented appropriately. This also includes cases where you are acquiring assets from another business. In the event that you would like to buy a business, you want to make sure they have a good reputation and are well marketed. After your purchase, you should call a website and marketing company, such as providence SEO to ensure that you have a good advertising plan in place.

  1. Intangible property protection

Most businesses, especially startups, fail to understand the importance of protection of intellectual property. These would be things such as trademark, copyright, brand name, business name and the logo. A good Business Lawyer can provide you with the necessary advice and legal assistance to see that these, along with the distinct services and products of your business are protected from infringement of any kind. In most cases, this is essential as far as market advantage, uniqueness and competitiveness are concerned. If you would like to learn more about what a business lawyer can do for you, there are plenty of places online that will answer all your questions or concerns.