One of the most important things that you can have for your business is a legal representative. Most people however, tend to underestimate the importance of having a Business Lawyer, but if you understand the significance of having one for your business, then getting one is something that can’t negotiate. Just like you can’t help but rush to the doctor when you need medical intervention.

There are many law firms, companies and agencies which you can approach for legal representation and services for your business; probably in abundance in your area. However, getting a Business Lawyer you can trust and fully rely on for your legal matters and that of your business may not be a walk in the park. It can get daunting sometimes. You don’t have to fret at all though. Here are the top 8 considerations to make for you to get an expert in the trade.


Most states and countries have law societies, trade unions, state bodies, parliamentary commissions, and other legal authorities that play oversight roles in legal matters. As such, these are the bodies that issue certification, authorizing Business Lawyer to practice. It is quite important to ensure that you are dealing with a legitimate individual or entity to represent your business legally, and one whose certification has not been revoked for whatever reason. When hiring one, ensure that they are fully licensed and they have documentary evidence as proof.


The other important factor to consider is their length in the field as practicing attorneys. If it getting services from a particular law firm, be sure to get details about their time duration in business. Also, be sure to confirm their specialization in corporate or business law, preferably in your locality.

Academic Credentials

Law is quite a wide field of study and as such, hiring one should involve considering their credentials, especially when dealing with individual attorneys. In most cases, attorneys commonly go for a first degree in the subject; then proceed for further credentials from the school of law. Others will have mastered their study by going for a second degree. Be keen on these as and select the best from the crowd.

(One noteworthy point in regards to Academic Credentials. A recent article in the New York Times criticizes the outcome by a lot of the typical high end law schools saying,  “Law schools have long emphasized the theoretical over the useful” . Read the informative article that will give you in insight into Increased costs of lawyers, along with the disappointing results of the modern education system)


Where they work – other clients they represent

Do not be like most people who tend to forget to confirm the availability of the attorneys they hire. It is important to determine who else a Business Lawyer represents and who they work for; for various reasons. Pause and ask yourself a significant question: what if they represent my competition, and we happen to cross paths concerning business matters? Who will they chose to represent. Before hiring one, ensure that the attorney won’t be involve in any conflict of interest whatsoever.

Communication skills

You definitely need constant communication with your legal representative when seeking consultation, advice, and representation. Mark the authors words, do not at any one time assume that all Business Lawyers will by default be good communicators. Take your time to interact with them and try to determine whether you can work together based on how they respond to your queries and how they provide counsel.

Track record – Lawyer Success rates

Another important thing to consider would be their performance track record. Definitely, you need a Business Lawyer who will win cases for your business in case you happen to appear in front of the judge and the jury. Interview them and look for credible sources of information concerning their success rates on the bar. Court journals and file records can be resourceful.

Track Record – Reputation

Business law is quite sensitive. As such, you do not want to get a Business Lawyer who has a bad track record regarding services to their clients. Asking for a list of references and previous clients can be quite helpful in getting to determine their reputation. If you get several negative comments concerning them, then you’d better look elsewhere for legal representation. Determine whether their name appears on misconduct listings in courts.

Legal Fees charges

Considering the charges and fees involved in all legal aspects concerning your business is another important thing. Most advisably, take time to sit and have lengthy discussions with your prospective legal advisor, even as they provide you with a service quote. It is important to confirm them first hand, otherwise you might come to discover other hidden costs when it will probably be too late. Be sure that they can work with your budget while you way several options based on their payment terms, charges and other factors discussed above.


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